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デザインラボ株式会社(designlab co.,ltd)は、ファッション領域の「製品」「サービス」「デジタル」のデザインおよびデザインエクスペリエンスの支援を行っています。加えてマーケティング戦略コンサルティング事業を強化しています。



 design labo & co three "Takumi"

 "Produce" of Made In Japan products that make use of distinctive content and technology

We "produce" brands and products with a proposal of a framework that improves the perceived and profitable content by refining the content that has been realized or has been latent.

 design labo & co three "Takumi"

"Direction" to lead the business success from the experience that has engaged in more than 30 brands

From fashion lifestyle brands to sports brands, we are directing brands and products that lead to success from our 20 years of experience and experience as a Forcaster.

 design labo & co three "Takumi"

Sympathized and supported "design" analyzed from domestic and foreign marketing information

Taking advantage of the latest marketing collaboration and customer experience marketing in Japan and overseas, we are producing "selected design" and "selected design" for customers.